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the founders | who is B.A.S.E.?

B.A.S.E. is Program and Project driven, as opposed to being driven by curriculum. B.A.S.E. breaks the old patterns and habits of architectural education, which has for the most part become tired and static.


In a setting with a legacy of production, design, and art, an interdisciplinary approach will be continued under the Bauhaus sawtooth roofs in the B.A.S.E. space. The strength of the Programs and Projects at B.A.S.E. are that they are invented and carried out by the people involved, (see ‘WHO IS BASE ?’)- the group of associated faculty, architects, artists, engineers, and thinkers with the team efforts of B.A.S.E. members. With these associated people come some of the most engaging thinking going on anywhere in the world in design.


A principal of action for B.A.S.E. is that learning and designing occurs in the setting of:

1. The intensely focused and personal space of the desk, tool, monitor, etc.
2. The impassioned table that accommodates and provokes cooperation, collaboration, dialogue, and heated words, and,
3. The real live world outside the studio that allows and causes us to confront often extreme conditions

Pei Zhu